How to get paid on Medium

Sarah Walker Gorrell
1 min readSep 14, 2022

That’s the big question!

That’s the answer everyone (including me) wants to know!

I know that one has to have 100 followers, not just ANY followers. Followers must be Medium members. Medium members have the word “follow” circles in green color.

I learned from reading the articles (and the articles about writing and getting followers are THE popular articles).

I read other articles and follow writers regardless if their “follow” is in green. If I enjoy what they write, I follow. These excellent writers can have dozens of followers, but if they aren’t followed by the Medium members, they receive zilch for what they write.

The likelihood of a green follower following someone who isn’t green is probably nil to none.

I recall reading that Medium allows members to follow up to 125 members per day.

And then there’s the 13-year-old that has over 5,000 followers …..and I’m still questioning how that must have happened.

I’ll keep writing, reading, and following if you are or aren’t a Medium member.

13 and 5,000 …..just wow!!

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